Pre-Planted Herb Gardens Take The Guesswork Out Of Gardening

Do you love the flavor of fresh herbs in your foods, but are afraid to try growing those plants on your own? Are you afraid that your lack of a green thumb will leave your herb plants less than desirable for your culinary needs? Here is one way to enjoy fresh seasoning without much garden work. Pre-planted herb gardens have become a popular business today, and with good reason. You can now enjoy fresh herbs all year round by just opening the package and adding water!

Pre-planted herb gardens take the guesswork out of herb gardening by providing you with all of the elements necessary to successfully cultivate your own herbs. These kits can be used indoors or out for a successful garden any time of the year. Some of these pre-planted herb garden kits don’t even need natural light to thrive since they come equipped with their own lighting to keep them healthy. This is definitely the easiest way to enjoy gardening and fresh herbs from your own home garden.

Types of Pre-Planted Herb Gardens
There are different types of pre-planted herb gardens that you can choose from to ensure that you get the easiest type of garden for you. One kind of herb mat just needs to be placed in a pot or outdoor garden plot. You are sure to have a successful crop since each mat has about 70 seeds. The mats usually include chives, parsley, dill and basil. You can find these herb garden kits online, or at home improvement stores.

There is also a pre-planted herb garden that has lighting. With an aero garden, you don’t need to worry about the light your herbs are getting. Pre-planted seed pods are provided by this kit which will grow as soon you set everything up. The advantage to this type of garden is that you can add more seed as your plants need to be replaced to keep the entire kit blooming indefinitely.

Nothing beats cooking with fresh herbs straight from your garden, but herb gardening can be quite a lot of trouble. Pre-planted herb gardens allow you to enjoy fresh herbs without much effort. 

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