How To Overcome The Disadvantages Of Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is not a fly by night thing.  Nielsen studies indicate that there are 63 million mobile web users in America, and over 90% of younger families have one or more mobile phones.   With statistics like that, more and more small to mid sized companies are considering mobile advertising as part of their marketing campaigns. 

Mobile advertising is not the same as other forms of advertising, however, and it’s important for the small business owner to keep the disadvantages of mobile phone ads in mind when deciding on their mobile advertising strategy. 

First, you must take into consideration that mobile devices still have a relatively slow data transfer speed.  Transfer time with some mobile devices can be quite frustrating, especially for those users who have grown up with and expect high speed Internet.  While technological advances occur every day, a small business owner setting up a mobile advertising campaign must be aware of this limitation.   

The slow data transfer speeds and the overall purpose of most mobile devices, you will find that users of mobile phones and other devices rarely “surf” from their phone.  Most people using mobile phones want the answer to an immediate question, and won’t be distracted by something irrelevant, which is the opposite of most online Internet users. 

Because of these challenges, mobile advertisers are focusing less on diversion advertising or pop up distractions, both which are heavily favored on the Internet, and more on In-page mobile search engines and SMS text messaging campaigns.   

Research indicates that if SMS mobile advertising and mobile search engines add value and solve the user’s immediate concerns, they are very well received and are often up to fifty percent more effective than traditional Internet ads.  This can be a real competitive advantage for entrepreneurial business owners, as they both are economical and can fit any budget, as well as simple to begin immediately. 

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